To Murder an Animal Is the Same as A Human

“The time will come when men such as I

               will look upon the murder of  animals as they now look upon

                            the murder of men

Leonardo Da Vinci

St. Clairsville, Oh Commissioners have proved they  are murderers as much as the men and women locked in Federal Prisons. I say they take ordinance 505.15 and shove it or better yet walk into a prison and lock themselves up 15- to life for every animal murder over their fear.

People create mean animals. Animals are not born that way. Humans are capable a mass murder and complete world destruction and these commissioners are Nazi’s in the world right now with their fear mongering murder ordinances.

I bark… I die…

That is what ordinance 505.15 means to me.

My mom couldn’t afford the new insurance to keep me. This room and cold and sterile. Mom cries. Its hard to open my eyes.

I was born happy and care free…

But some mean human forced someone like to to do bad now I have to die because I bear the same skin, same name.

 Walks were my favorite, sniff, greet, pets, nature. Love them. Always happy to see the leash. 

Leash is shorter, people, huddle in fear, no more pets. All because I was Born Different.


Take away their chance, take away their rights.  But let killers walk the streets. Animals are punish far more cruelly than the worst of human society.



Follow Gandhi’s Wisdom: Breed Discrimination is wrong!

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”


What happened to all those believers in Trumps ‘Make America Great Again’ Campaign? Did they jump on the animal murder bandwagon of the St. Clairsville Commissioners and forget compassion?

Ordinance 505.15 seeks to place horrific conditions on pets of certain breeds, the owners who actually care for and not abuse them, but all dog owners as anyone can claim ‘that dog scared me’ and see a helpless, loved animal murdered because of these fear mongering killers who think sneakily passing ordinances with out public knowledge is justified.

I personally say for every animal executed over this ordinance the commissioner get their own flesh stripped off them for ever thinking it is right to punish a breed, a pet for the actions of owners and whiny humans who have to complain about everything. 9 times out of 10 the complaints are just to cause problems when the animal has done no wrong. I am tired of animals being victims of careless humans who are the abuser, the murderers with no conscious.

We are destroying habitats and this world, why do we need to continually murder the animals that live on this Earth with us? We are already the worst species on the planet, we are already the monsters of animals dreams. This ordinance proves the Commissioners are nothing more than monsters wanting to find ways to legally terminate anything different.

As Pythagoras Says

For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other.

Indeed, he who sows the seeds of  murder and pain cannot reap the joy of love.


It seems we are not meant to learn and evolve as a species if we can not understand that our actions have consequences and murdering helpless animals because of what breed they are is wrong.

Our commissioners say it is right to protect the public, yet how is fear mongering, how is declaring something unworthy of life their job? Who made them God? Who gave them the right to decided who lives and who dies?

I did not as a voter give them that right, I did not give them the right to persecute animals but not the humans who corrupted the animals innocence to pave the way for the vengeful legalize murder spree.

Yes, Belmont County Dog Ordinance 505.15 is nothing but legalize murder, and I hope that the very idiotic commissioners who think it is public good get served with animal cruelty papers. I can’t wait to see them out of office because this voter has had it with their fear driven campaigns.

Punish the people who create aggressive dangerous animals through neglect and abuse, do not punish the animal for being what it is!

Hate Belmont County’s new hidden and corrupt ordinance that our cowardly commissioners passed through unbeknownst to the public? Call them, spam their emails, make it known we aren’t putting up with this.

Need the number? How about their email. Check below.

Phone: (740-699-2155)

Commissioner Emails. (Fill those inboxes folks.)

Mark Thomas:

Josh Meyer:

J.P. Dutton:

A message from helpless animals

by:  Madhivanan

Yes, we are just five senses creature by birth,
But realize that we are here to lead a life on the earth,
Just like any other living being, we wish to be loved,
With all of our survival and hunger issues solved,We stupids, don’t understand your need for deforestation,
All we know is, it makes our siblings die out of starvation,
We all have a caring family like you homosapiens have,
Our chances of survival depends on how you behave..

A few cruel men, pelt stones at us for the sake of fun,
Some heartless people hunt us with a gun,
We beg you not to kill us for your food,
It is not that only mankind is made up of blood..

We were created only to have a short life span,
Show us mercy and let us live as long as we can,
Our sufferings drag us to hell which we can’t withstand,
We cry in a language that humans don’t understand………..

Breed Discrimination is Wrong

Who gets to determine who, what, and what breed we should fear? Who gets to say they are vicious. Why isn’t the question of nature vs nurture raised here? No lets just pass horrific laws, fear monger, and seek to murder an animal for being born a certain breed.

FYI: Born Bad Fear Mongering has been around forever, but the “born bad” subject keeps changing, breeds who are scary, vicious, and have no good bone in their body keep changing. Well FYI people humans are the issue not the breed of dog, or any animal. They attack because of training, or fear that we are the culprits of.


Here is a great article on Born Bad: Born Bad

By targeting dogs and ultimately their owners through Draconian measures, beloved family pets are lost and the human-animal bond is weakened. Denver Colorado is one example of a town that has shown us the worst side of targeted legislation. Since a law banning dogs that look like “pit bulls” went into effect, families have been forced to hide their dogs away or risk having them confiscated and destroyed.pexels-photo-192550

Contact your Commissioners to let them know Belmont County disapproves a breed discrimination ordinance. We will not let animals be the victims of humans unweighted, unfounded fears. Humans are the greatest predators, the most dangerous with no regard for animals or the earth. Quite punishing the innocence!

Phone: (740-699-2155)

Commissioner Emails. (Fill those inboxes folks.)

Mark Thomas:

Josh Meyer:

J.P. Dutton:

Belmont County Commissioner are Fear Mongers

Playing on fear is the way of the politician. The Belmont County Commissioners have been meeting trying to pass dog breed discrimination ordinances that truly affect all breeds not just those “they deem” dangerous.

First, why is it that no one has been able to find and read the actual ordinance, why isn’t it public?

Why has it been so hush, hush, that the public is truly learning of it after they meant and passed through the three readings with the last being March 20th?

Why are they advocating for breed discrimination of animals being animals but not punishing the people who made them aggressive? (Further more, why punish dogs when they let rapists, criminals get slaps on the wrist, but execute the dogs because they are scary?)

Most importantly why don’t they want the public to know that if someone complains because your dog barked and it was oh so scary that they will try and force the animal to be put down, deem it aggressive?

Animal owners of St. Clairsville, why are you letting stodgy old men with no moral sense of right and wrong tell you what animal is dangerous and what to do with it? More so why do you keep electing people with no sense of what is truly right for the community. They are more concerned with being legal animal murderers than with economic infrastructure, severe job loss, and rising unemployment rates in the valley. They don’t care about us, they are about their petty murderous agendas.

But hey don’t believe me, just look at the job loss at the mall, or local small businesses shutting down. They claim in is natural but it is far from natural, it was orchestrated and comes with some purposes that will mostly like negatively impact us we just can’t see it  yet.

It is time to fight back, I am tired of letting these political morons with an agenda to help themselves run my country, my city, and now try to tell me my dog is vicious and must die because it barked- a natural dog instinct and their form of communication. All because they are scared.

Stay away from my pet if your scared of it! Problem solved- though my pet is more likely to lick you to death than hurt you, but hey humans unreasonable fears is what is killing the planet and justification for murdering millions of other humans so I can see where these politicians feel their godly power. It is instilled in them from millions of years of using fear mongering.

Call and protest. Make the commissioners miserable. Not rest for murderers!

Phone: (740-699-2155)

Commissioner Emails. (Fill those inboxes folks.)

Mark Thomas:

Josh Meyer:

J.P. Dutton: