To Murder an Animal Is the Same as A Human

“The time will come when men such as I

               will look upon the murder of  animals as they now look upon

                            the murder of men

Leonardo Da Vinci

St. Clairsville, Oh Commissioners have proved they  are murderers as much as the men and women locked in Federal Prisons. I say they take ordinance 505.15 and shove it or better yet walk into a prison and lock themselves up 15- to life for every animal murder over their fear.

People create mean animals. Animals are not born that way. Humans are capable a mass murder and complete world destruction and these commissioners are Nazi’s in the world right now with their fear mongering murder ordinances.

I bark… I die…

That is what ordinance 505.15 means to me.

My mom couldn’t afford the new insurance to keep me. This room and cold and sterile. Mom cries. Its hard to open my eyes.

I was born happy and care free…

But some mean human forced someone like to to do bad now I have to die because I bear the same skin, same name.

 Walks were my favorite, sniff, greet, pets, nature. Love them. Always happy to see the leash. 

Leash is shorter, people, huddle in fear, no more pets. All because I was Born Different.


Take away their chance, take away their rights.  But let killers walk the streets. Animals are punish far more cruelly than the worst of human society.



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