As Pythagoras Says

For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other.

Indeed, he who sows the seeds of  murder and pain cannot reap the joy of love.


It seems we are not meant to learn and evolve as a species if we can not understand that our actions have consequences and murdering helpless animals because of what breed they are is wrong.

Our commissioners say it is right to protect the public, yet how is fear mongering, how is declaring something unworthy of life their job? Who made them God? Who gave them the right to decided who lives and who dies?

I did not as a voter give them that right, I did not give them the right to persecute animals but not the humans who corrupted the animals innocence to pave the way for the vengeful legalize murder spree.

Yes, Belmont County Dog Ordinance 505.15 is nothing but legalize murder, and I hope that the very idiotic commissioners who think it is public good get served with animal cruelty papers. I can’t wait to see them out of office because this voter has had it with their fear driven campaigns.

Punish the people who create aggressive dangerous animals through neglect and abuse, do not punish the animal for being what it is!

Hate Belmont County’s new hidden and corrupt ordinance that our cowardly commissioners passed through unbeknownst to the public? Call them, spam their emails, make it known we aren’t putting up with this.

Need the number? How about their email. Check below.

Phone: (740-699-2155)

Commissioner Emails. (Fill those inboxes folks.)

Mark Thomas:

Josh Meyer:

J.P. Dutton:


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