A message from helpless animals

by:  Madhivanan

Yes, we are just five senses creature by birth,
But realize that we are here to lead a life on the earth,
Just like any other living being, we wish to be loved,
With all of our survival and hunger issues solved,We stupids, don’t understand your need for deforestation,
All we know is, it makes our siblings die out of starvation,
We all have a caring family like you homosapiens have,
Our chances of survival depends on how you behave..

A few cruel men, pelt stones at us for the sake of fun,
Some heartless people hunt us with a gun,
We beg you not to kill us for your food,
It is not that only mankind is made up of blood..

We were created only to have a short life span,
Show us mercy and let us live as long as we can,
Our sufferings drag us to hell which we can’t withstand,
We cry in a language that humans don’t understand………..


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