Breed Discrimination is Wrong

Who gets to determine who, what, and what breed we should fear? Who gets to say they are vicious. Why isn’t the question of nature vs nurture raised here? No lets just pass horrific laws, fear monger, and seek to murder an animal for being born a certain breed.

FYI: Born Bad Fear Mongering has been around forever, but the “born bad” subject keeps changing, breeds who are scary, vicious, and have no good bone in their body keep changing. Well FYI people humans are the issue not the breed of dog, or any animal. They attack because of training, or fear that we are the culprits of.


Here is a great article on Born Bad: Born Bad

By targeting dogs and ultimately their owners through Draconian measures, beloved family pets are lost and the human-animal bond is weakened. Denver Colorado is one example of a town that has shown us the worst side of targeted legislation. Since a law banning dogs that look like “pit bulls” went into effect, families have been forced to hide their dogs away or risk having them confiscated and destroyed.pexels-photo-192550

Contact your Commissioners to let them know Belmont County disapproves a breed discrimination ordinance. We will not let animals be the victims of humans unweighted, unfounded fears. Humans are the greatest predators, the most dangerous with no regard for animals or the earth. Quite punishing the innocence!

Phone: (740-699-2155)

Commissioner Emails. (Fill those inboxes folks.)

Mark Thomas:

Josh Meyer:

J.P. Dutton:


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